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Here at Foong Management & Accounting Services, we provide a wide range of tax services for all your business needs. Our professional team is dedicated in solving all kinds of tax issues for small to medium sized businesses over the years. We are always up to date with Malaysian tax laws to fulfill the changes in the tax and accounting laws in Malaysia. Foong Management & Accounting Services will always provide knowledgeable assistance and service-par-excellence in order to satisfy your needs. Contact us for more information.

我们为您的所有业务需求提供广泛的税务服务。 我们的团队经验丰富,专为中小型企业的税务问题提供有效的解决方案。我们始终与马来西亚税务法律保持同步,密切掌握马来西亚税法和会计法的变化。我们将始终提供知识丰富的协助和专业的服务,以满足您的需求。欢迎联系我们获得更多详情。

  • Company Allowance
  • Capital Allowance
  • Reinvestment Allowance
  • Industrial build of allowance
  • Export Allowance
  • Double Deduction
  • Pre-tax audit
  • Withholding Tax Planning& Advisory
  • Personal Tax Planning
  • Form EA
  • Form E
  • Tax Clearance

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